• Watch Our NEW VIDEO!

    Don’t miss this sneak peek at our new video
    that explains how Lightfield technology forces a slug
    to “chamber” to any barrel it’s fired from, smooth
    or rifled. Consistent barrel pressure equals consistent
    muzzle velocity which in turn gives consistent downrange
    accuracy – shot after shot.

    Watch our new video here!

    Watch Our NEW VIDEO!
  • 2016 Product Catalog Available!

    Our 2015 Product Catalog is now Available!

    Check out all of our products in the 2015 Lightfield Product Portfolio.

    See velocity, energy, and trajectory rates of your favorite Lightfield rounds.


    Download the 2015 Lightfield Product Portfolio

    2016 Product Catalog Available!
  • The last slug you will ever buy.

    Forget about trying different slugs every year and
    struggling with shot groupings. Lightfield Ammunition
    specializes in manufacturing the hardest hitting, most accurate
    saboted slugs available. By using the tightest manufacturing
    specs in the industry, we provide shotgun slug hunters with
    the most accurate ammunition in the field.

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    The last slug you will ever buy.
  • Tell us your story!

    We love hunting stories.
    And we want to hear yours!

    If you have a successful hunt using Lightfield Ammunition, send us your story and a photo of your trophy and we will put it on our “From the Field” blog for the rest of the world to see.

    Upload your story HERE!

    Tell us your story!
  • Same Site Accuracy

    SameSite Accuracy is the capability to use three different velocity slugs without adjusting your sights.

    Lightfield Ammunition, the industry Leader in sabot slug technology, has produced it’s Hybred Series of sabot slugs to take shotgun accuracy to a level that has never been achieved in the shooting industry before.

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    Same Site Accuracy